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Colli Aprutini Passerina IGT 


Borea Passerina IGT

A bright yellow wine with soft green reflections.


The nose is intense with hints of white flowers and citrus. In the mouth it is fresh persistent with floral hints on the aftertaste. Long persistent with brackish perceptions. "





Colli Aprutini Passerina IGT

Harvest: Grapes harvested only when fully ripe

Vinification: At controlled temperature, soft pressing

Aging: steel and bottle




Orange flowers

Peach flowers


Acacia flowers

Passion fruit

The history of the label:

Borea (Βορέας), name given by the Greeks to the north wind and the corresponding god, son of the titan Astreus and Eos, goddess of the dawn, brother of Noto, Apeliote and Zephyrus. According to Hesiod he was the personification of a north wind, represented with a human figure, winged, two-faced with long hair and sprawled beard, characteristic of some of the most important wind gods even in non-Greek mythologies. He had a cult among the Athenians, who said they had been helped by him against Xerxes. Today the north wind is called tramontana and blows in the autumn and winter from the north-east on the Adriatic regions. Our vineyards, year after year, lulled and sprayed by the sea breezes and the soft and warm winds of the winds, ripen the grapes.

Zefiro Pecorino IGT
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