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La raccolta delle uve Anfra

The family

Family passion since 1969

Our family has been dedicated to the cultivation of the vine since 1969. After a degree in law, Antonello dedicated himself to the study of the production and winemaking processes in the cellar by attending a master's degree at the oenology school of San Michele All'Adige.


Collaborations with different consultants, with different production visions, to mature their own vision, to choose their own path.


In the vineyard the way has been clear from the beginning, respecting the environment and the times of nature, supporting the seasons and the difficulties of each one. It is useless to try to condition the seasons, to understand them so as not to get hurt.


In the cellar since 2012 the same philosophy has made its way, no use of synthetic chemicals, spontaneous fermentations on the fermentation foot, no forced clarification, time is enough to create the balance we seek.

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