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Colli Aprutini Pecorino IGT 


Zefiro Pecorino IGT

A pleasant perky wine with engaging aromas.


Pale straw yellow with slight greenish reflections, bright. Fragrant and defined. Hints of almond and broom flowers, ripe pear and peach, still unripe apple. Dry, warm with intense freshness, soft. Good balance, very intense.





Colli Aprutini Pecorino IGT

Harvest: Grapes harvested only when fully ripe

Vinification: At controlled temperature / soft pressing, 20% Cryomacerated

Aging: steel and bottle



Mint flowers

Orange flowers






The history of the label:

Zephyrus (Ζέφυρος), in Hellenic mythology, was considered the personification of the west wind. In the Odyssey it is considered a beneficial wind, soft and light, similar to the breeze and messenger of spring, the wind that blew during the journey of Ulysses. It was said that the sweet breath of this spring wind from the west made flowers bloom, fruit ripen, favored the germination of seeds and the recovery of nature from winter sleep. They attribute to him as "the places where the evening star rises, where the sun extinguishes its last fires". (Ovid, The Metamorphoses) Zephyr, soft and light, fragrant and floral like the sea breeze. This is our wine.

Zefiro Pecorino IGT
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